Production centers

Under the premise that climatic factors are determinant for the cannabis industry, Colombia Dreams Medical made a selection of its locations based on specific criteria for agribusiness such as altitude, climate, level of access, neighboring farms, the pH of the soil, the level of presence of heavy metals in the water, among a long list of fundamental criteria that have determined the agricultural pillars of our organization.

The first production center is in the municipality of Guamo, department of Tolima.

The municipality of Guamo has an ideal microclimate for the agricultural development of cannabis farms. Some of the climatic properties are the natural light that bathes our plants, on average for about 12 hours a day; the drop in relative humidity, which on average shows rates below 75%; These characteristics make Guamo a territory with favorable conditions for the development of our plantations.

The second production center is in the municipality of Ciénaga, Magdalena, in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. With its snow-capped peaks, it is the highest coastal mountain in the world. Only 22 kilometers separate the mountain peaks and the Caribbean Sea. Its highest peak is the Pico de Colón, which rises to 5775 meters. CDM is located between 800-1,100 meters above the sea level. The area has an average temperature of 23º and a relative humidity of 60%.

The appropriate conditions in the production centers, from the point of view of agribusiness, aligned with the global vision of producing unique flowers due to the richness of their properties, terpenes and cannabinoids guarantee full harvests and low-cost crops.

Operation center Guamo, Tolima
Operation center Ciénaga, Magdalena