Colombia Dreams Medical.  5 years

Colombia Drams Medical (CDM) founded in 2017, is a Colombian organization that is licensed for the cultivation, production, and exportation of products derived from cannabis. It is an organization committed to historical, academic, commercial, and technological research of the cannabis industry.


Green Sport-cream: Prepared to mitigate discomfort associated with muscle and/or joint pain, by providing a sensation of well-being with restorative action. Green+Sport is ideal for all kinds of discomfort: bad posture, muscle pain, tendinitis, inflammation, and joint pain. Our innovative formula contains 100% natural ingredients, extracted from plants through their essential oils.

Green + Sport Rollon: Being a product that is applied to the skin, Green+Sport produces a sensation of well-being provided by the synergistic action of cannabis extract and copaiba oleoresin, a tree native to the Amazon. Green+Sport is 100% natural and is designed especially for athletes.

KAN-DOL: This powerful product takes care of your pets, as it is made with components that help reduce general pain and inflammation caused by diseases such as arthritis.